About William Walker Elementary

School Website: https://www.beaverton.k12.or.us/schools/william-walker/

Address: 650 NW 118th Ave, Portland, OR 97229

Attendance Line: (503) 356-2521

Office Phone: (503) 356-2520


William Walker is a K-5 elementary school located right next to Beaverton’s Cedar Hills Park. Our school community celebrates the cultural and linguistic diversity of our student body and the greater understanding and perspective this allows us to share with all of our children. We invite you to come to the school to learn more or join us at an upcoming PTC meeting. Welcome to our community!

Our teachers and administrators work hard every day to make Walker an exceptional place to send your child every day. We carefully manage the extra funding we receive because of our Title One and ELL student population and in the 2014/15 school year our student-teacher ratio was the lowest in the district. Our half-day kindergarten classes maxed out at less than 20 students, and first grade classes averaging 24 students per class. We also have a high number of teaching assistants in the classroom providing additional support to teachers and to all of our students. Our differentiation groups drop down to ratios of less than 12 students for the children in most need, and we innovate to make sure every child finds the right fit and level of challenge for their needs through strategies such as pulling students from across grade-levels and having extra teaching staff stepping in to “double-up” the teaching team for parts of each school day.

William Walker was rated above average by the state for schools with similar demographic make-up. While we continue to work hard at bringing up our academic performance for the minority students, students with disabilities, and economically disadvantaged students, that make up the bulk of our population and score card weighting, we are especially proud of our performance outside these demographics this past year. For our 2013/14 score card those students earned a Level 4 report card rating in Math and Reading achievement for the past two years combined average, with the most recent years results meeting the Level 5 standards and academic growth in both subjects far surpassing district goals!

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